seeks to coordinate the process of consulting, engineering and project management by taking  into account the need for "continuity in time" while engaging a project.  How ? You ask. 

                                     is committed to customer satisfaction by allowing all parties to "buy in" to the project in the beginning and keeping all parties "aware of  the progress" till the end.  I seek to provide you with the expert services you expect for your projects.

Let me partner with you to meet your quality and budget needs. I offer the following services by direct hire or as a third party contractor. 

 Outside Plant / Inside Plant Engineering 
 Route Design, Bore Design, and Bridge Attachments 
 Fiber Route Planning, Local, Long Haul and Passive Optical Networks 
 Fiber Optic and Coax Design (LAN's / PON's) 
 Copper Cable Conditioning 
 Design and Layout of Conduit and Cable Facilities (Aer.& U.G.) 
 Fielding and Utility Locating 
 Feasibility Studies 
 Project Estimates (RFP's) and Final Cost Closings 
 Installation, Relocation and Removal of Conduit and Cable Facilities 
 Building Industry Consulting Services (BICS) 
 Project Management, Construction Management, and Inspection 
 Supervision of Personnel and Projects 
 Establish Project Teams and Work Groups 
 Construction Layouts, Project Estimating and Final Cost Closing 
 Bid Package Preparation and Specifications requirements
 Project Liaison, Customer Notification and Issue Mitigation
Right of Way
 Public Record Data Collection 
 Survey Permitting, Right of Way and Right of Entry 
 Site, Easement, and Encroachment Permit Acquisition 
 Building Entry Agreements 
 Land and Easement Cost Analysis 
 Plats and Legal Descriptions 
 Mapping, GPS Surveys, and Topographics 
 Railroad Permitting and R/R Entry Agreements 
 Title Research and Acquisition Proposals  
Office Services
 Business Customer Representative and Advocate 
 Record Management, Data Translation and Storage 
 As Built and Record Updates for project completion
 Record Research and Verification 
 Expert Witness Testimony 
 Computer Aided Design and Drafting / CADD 
 Website Design and Publishing 
 Computer Generated Image Reproduction 

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