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                                                   Ben L Greenwood

I personally take pride in having provided various contract services for the following distinguished companies:

      PG&E of California  
      AT&T/ Michigan Bell 
      SBC/ Pacific Bell 
      Global Valley Networks Inc 
      Communications Consultants Inc 
      Comcast Cable 
      Millennium Design Inc
      Rava Ranches Inc 
      Northstar Telecom 
      Century Link
      Burnup & Sims
      Frontier Telephone 

Aside  from telecommunications related work I have a track record working with government agencies, municipalities and private firms. I have worked tirelessly with them to achieve their various needs as well. I am proud of the ability to have interfaced with and coordinated projects for all of these entities in a timely manner to insure a successful outcome for all.  I have included some of the more notable clients below. 

State Agency
      California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) 
      Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)
      Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) 

Railroad & Rapid Transit 
      San Jose Valley Transit Authority (VTA)
      Union Pacific Railroad
      Southern Pacific Railroad
      SF Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

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City & Towns
      California - San Francisco - Los Gatos - Cupertino - Campbell
      San Jose - Fremont - Palo Alto - Gilroy - Morgan Hill - Oakland
      Castro Valley - San Ramon - Stockton - Monterey - Livermoore
      Santa Cruz - Watsonville - King City - Hollister
      Michigan - Grand Rapids - Benton Harbor - Ann Arbor - Jackson
      Ohio - 9 Townships

      California - Riverside -  Santa Clara - Contra Costa - Santa Cruz
      Michigan - Michigan - Allegon - Van Buren - Kent - Ottawa