Ben L Greenwood

My Objective is:
To offer my skills by utilizing my 25 + years experience in the Telecom industry and related utilities. I am a proven professional in the telephone and utilities business.

                                  Skill Sets

Engineering, consisting of:
Planning and design of major utility projects including FTTN, FTTP, FTTH, entrance facilities to cell sites and fiber node transmission equipment.  
Developing fiber optic cable projects for aerial and underground systems
Cost analysis, construction budgeting and construction inspections
Project tracking and management.
Design drafting with IMSI-Cad and Auto Cad programs
Business building industry consulting (BICSI) services and engineering procedures
Liaison between government, community, and business
Procurement of easements and right of ways
Permit acquisition processes including encroachment and construction permitting
Training of office, drafting and construction project teams
Former member of the Engineering Administrators Staff for GTE/Verizon

Management, consisting of:
Negotiating with the ability to analyze and effectively resolve problems and conflicts
Organizational knowledge and ability to form, train and direct teams
Promoting individual and team moral, productivity and rewarding a successful outcome
Managing project outcome through tracking, conferencing, and intervention when required
Financial operations relating to cost, expenditure control and accountability
Oversight of customer invoicing, purchase orders and payroll activity
Designing layouts, presentations and advertisements utilizing MS office, Word and Excel
Ability to interpret issues, write reports and business correspondence 
Marketing proficiency by promoting and maintaining a sound commitment to customer service

It's not my Job!
 Kenton Group - Transmission Design Engineering
Battle Creek, MI                             
- Assist Frontier /Verizon Telecom in implementation of DSL telecom technologies
- Provide engineering services consisting of audits and surveys for central office (CO) and remote terminal site (RT) equipment upgrades in MI, WI, IL, IN, and OH
- Evaluate existing equipment within the CO and RT regarding type, location and provide data to place and interface the new equipment within the existing telephone facilities
- This project required familiarization and working knowledge of CO and RT equipment to include Adtran   TA-500 DSLAM (and TA-5000 Aggregator) units, Adtran TA1248A host/client units, BTI 7000 Series network equipment and Actelis Networks - ML 2300 - CXR Ethernet over copper systems 

Killion Communications - Transmission Design
Rood House, IL / FL  
- Assist Century Link Telecom in implementation of DSL telecom technologies
- Provide engineering services consisting of design and modification and conversion of existing telephone plant to accept current DSL technology
- Evaluate existing telephone plant to determine the type, location and loop length data to modify the existing telephone facilities

Paradigm Designs - Contract and Freelance
Battle Creek, MI 
- Further personal education in new telecom technologies, techniques and strategies for implementation
- Provide engineering consulting services for private sector business and residential customers
- Resolve utility customer conflicts or complaints regarding easement and right of way issues 

PCS Inc. -  Project Coordinator  
Grand Rapids, MI
- Responsible for proper location of fiber optic nodes and associated facilities for MIB/AT&T
- Lightspeed Digital Services Projects
- Resolve all utility customer conflicts or complaints regarding easement and right of way
- Field monitor and adjust ongoing utility projects for construction /completion by tracking  correlating dates, time and locations 
- Provide engineering service for upgrade and conditioning of existing plant and cable facilities

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About me
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Individual, consisting of:
Dependable, highly organized and personable
Independent and self motivated
Detail oriented, creative, enthusiastic and flexible
Strong personal and business ethics
Skilled in customer relations and service
Professional appearance and demeanor
Impressive mechanical knowledge and abilities
Website design, implementation and site maintenance
Restoring vintage muscle cars,designing,building and flying RC model airplanes
Private pilot, owned operated and maintained aircraft for business
Former small business owner 

CCI Inc. - Senior Project Manager/Right of Way Agent
Modesto, CA
- Management of new and ongoing fiber optic projects for underground and aerial facilities including FTTN, FTTP, FTTH
- Design entrance cable facilities for business and residence service
- Provide cost analysis for fielding, surveying, drafting and recording of as-built drawings
- Acting right of way agent for Lightspeed projects for SBC/AT&T in San Jose, CA
- Responsible for right of way acquisitions and utility encroachment permits and associated records

JC Staffing - Utility Permit Coordinator/Engineering  
San Jose, CA
- First point of contact for MasTec Inc. and Comcast Cable TV in San Jose, CA
- Permit coordinator for aerial and underground utility rebuild
- Schedule and tracked over 220 utility project permits for orderly field construction
- Responsible for utility permit acquisition, construction issues and job adjustments
- Pursue State, City and County agencies for permit approval on behalf of Comcast
- Field and resolve customer concerns and complaints during the permit process 

Millennium Design Inc. - Telecom Operations Manager
 Brentwood, CA 
- Established Telecommunications team for utility provisioning and expansion of the bid and contract capability of Millennium Design
- Developed invoicing procedures and forms for new client contracts
- Supervise the engineering team for timely execution of critical projects
- Train drafters on procedures relating to conduit and cable entrance facilities for multiple dwelling units, condominiums and small business strip mall projects
- Point person for Millennium Design with AT&T, Verizon, Pacific Gas & Electric and Comcast for project coordination with various design teams, private developers and construction managers in the San Francisco Bay

Work Experience
I look forward to the opportunity to meet at your convenience to discuss your company needs and objectives with the goal of working together to meet them. 

                                   Thank you, Ben L Greenwood 
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